Jan 24, 2016

Here's a post inspired but Justin Jackson' Mega Maker Series. My goal is to get to all 100 or variations of all 100.

  1. Make something on
  2. Use to utilize a domain I have
  3. Write a blog post about xx
  4. Blog post about The Big Short and it's startup correlations
  5. A blog about using harp for blogging
  6. A blog about using harp for getting better at JS
  7. The art of flea market negotiations
  8. An Every Dollar review
  9. Blog on how to be debt free
  10. Sharpie art
  11. Email course on whatever my market is
  12. Split receipt app
  13. Scholarship site
  14. instagram photo
  15. tweet about dwight schrute
  16. Book Database web app
  17. App that sends text message with reminders of various things
  18. Chrome extension that allows product managers to add classes to elements / classes
  19. CLI for reps hosted on github and npm
  20. T shirt on cotton bureau of something cool
  21. Try to get on a podcast
  22. Create a clothing line (and steal a bunch of plain REI shirts)
  23. Post SOMETHING I made to product hunt
  24. The worlds best cup of coffee
  25. A drone video
  26. A picture of dexter doing something funny
  27. HTML Theme
  28. A self post on reddit
  29. A handwritten note to someone
  30. A subscription box
  31. A technical talk at a meetup
  32. A guest post
  33. A blog post about a conference (that is not a South By party)
  34. An application that sends a weekly recap of your teams games / news
  35. A cake
  36. Do a meal prep sunday and document the whole thing
  37. Make a stand for our apple tv / vcr
  38. Draw a picture
  39. Draw a note on the white board
  40. Write a dwight schrute FACT generator
  41. Add in an image size reducer for the front end app at work
  42. A sign for my new desk
  43. A halloween costume
  44. A christmas carol
  45. A notational velocity tutorial
  46. A short story
  47. Vegetarian soup
  48. Meal prep chipotle bowl that actually tastes good
  49. A wallet
  50. A journal entry
  51. An electronic song
  52. A podcast episode
  53. A shitty watercolor
  54. A funny flyer
  55. A spit take Vine
  56. A periscope video
  57. A medium account with a post that is funny
  58. Grafiti
  59. Paint something
  60. Have a joke for a stand up bit
  61. Apply to speak at a conference
  62. Make way more game of thrones references
  63. Web app that's a scoreboard of things
  64. Make a useful tool like this: or csscolors
  65. Make a perfect golden ratio image generator
  66. Some kind of star wars / game of thrones / harry potter css hack like this.
  67. Mailchimp signup box for two player games idea
  68. Dribbble post of digitized hand drawn art
  69. Web App that keeps score of a fill or bust game
  70. A codepen Codepen
  71. Add a list of all the random things I've made
  72. Update my worked on projects
  73. Make a list of all the startups / projects I've worked with
  74. A fan letter to John Feinstein
  75. A stop motion vine
  76. A node app that does CRUD
  77. An investment account
  78. A fully funded emergency fund
  79. Attend two college basketball games, post about it
  80. Attend a college football game, post about it.
  81. Make the perfect breakfast sandwhich
  82. A smoothie
  83. A Gist that contains code i have written
  84. A youtube video
  85. A before and after picture
  86. A book review
  87. An open sourced Harp theme
  88. A static site that uses Python, not Node
  89. A blackout poem
  90. A MouseRat band name generator
  91. Make your own Swanson Pyramid of Greatness site
  92. A how to teach yourself to code synopsis
  93. A list of how people can hire me to work
  94. Budgeting / frugal ideas blog post
  95. A t shirt
  96. A hat
  97. A useful SCSS mixin
  98. A spotify playlist
  99. A song
  100. A list of things that I can do this year Done: